Here you will find the audio lessons of some of the Gospel Meetings we've had at the Oakdale congregation.

Gospel Meeting with Brent Willey of Los Osos, California.
    The dates for this meeting was November 2-4, 2018. You will find these lessons both inspiring and true to God's word!
Fallen 11/02/2018 #1
Overtaken 11/03/2018 #2
Spiritual Traps 11/03/2018 #3
Do Not Grow Weary 11/04/2018 #4
Regrets 11/04/2018 #5
Slip Sliding Away 11/04/2018 #6
Gospel Meeting with Gary Dent of Red Bluff, California
    On October 11-13, 2019 -- we were blessed to have some great preaching on the general theme of Personal Evangelism!
What is so Good about the Good News? 10/11/2019 #1
Mysteries of the Kingdom 10/12/2019 #2
The Basic Message of the Bible 10/13/2019 #3
Overcoming Discouragements 10/13/2019 #4
The Fight of your Life 10/13/2019 #5